The Company operates in accordance with specific national and international standards, assuring consumers the highest quality standards and food safety, from cultivation to packaging, as evidenced by the various certifications of both process and product.

Quality products certificates


LA VENETA uses only quality products that are grown from carefully selected suppliers based on their mode of operation and good agricultural practices, represented by the Global Gap certification.

The agribusiness company is very sensitive to the quality of its products and has undertaken, with a view to continuous improvement, a certification process designed to produce qualitative and, in 2010, IFS Food (Higher level), designed to ensure the health quality of manufactured products.
Moreover LA VENETA ensures the traceability of its products throughout the supply chain, to ensure the customer a product controlled by obtaining the ISO 22005:2008 certification.

ImageA healthy and varied diet means organic product.

Organic products are grown using the soils own fertility, enhancing the fertility with minimum interventions, promoting the biodiversity of the environment and by not using chemical products and no genetically modified products. The quality of LA VENETA’s organic products is guaranteed from selected and certified suppliers that use production methods according to European laws.

  • IFS Food

    Company with IFS FOOD product certification, valid for produce that must be washed before use HIGHER LEVEL - CERTIFICATE: NR. 89456-2010-AIFS-ITA-SINCERT
  • CSQA

    UNI EN ISO 2205 certified firm (Traceability in the feed and food chain), valid for produce that must be washed before use CERTIFICATE: NR. 45694
  • Bio

    Company complies with the packaging of organic product (CERT. DA IT BIO 021) OPERATOR CODE: 2100095
  • Global G.A.P.

    Suppliers with product certification GLOBALG.A.P.



LA VENETA guarantees hygiene and wholesomeness of the finished products thanks to its internal laboratory for analysis. The products are constantly subjected to careful microbiological analysis and the results are sent to the customer in a timely manner to have a transparent traceability 360° around.

The Company, for the control of chemical parameters and the multi-residual analysis, uses external certified laboratories.



Excluding the range of herbs, all LA VENETA products can be proposed ready for consumption (IV range).

The product, after being selected, it is washed, dried and packaged in a protective atmosphere. The washing takes place with an innovative technique that involves the use of water containing ozone. This method, unlike other washing methods, allows to obtain a product hygienically safer, with longer shelf-life and without compromising the Organolepticity.

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